[:en]New products release from Protech will be available in Cambodian market very soon after the manufacturing. Badminton sport in Cambodia is growing gradually from day to day. There are more and more people start playing badminton. In response to the growing demand of playing badminton, many badminton courts were establish throughout the city, mostly in the northern part of Phnom Penh.

In contribution to the growth of Badminton in Cambodia, Protech has been trying very had to find a way to produce high quality badminton product with low cost. Consequently, Protech releases many different products every year. Those new product releases is delivered very quickly to Cambodia by Reaksmey Sports.

Let’s have a brief introduction about Reaksmey Sports. Reaksmey Sports is a premium Badminton Shop in Phnom Penh. We are working in following a vision to see every Cambodian people can afford to play badminton. Our mission to deliver a good quality badminton product with affordable price to players in Cambodia. To make our mission success, we have chosen Protech to be our partner as this product quality is good and price is affordable. Every new product releases from Protech will be available in Cambodia right after the release.[:]

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